Posted on Jul 21, 2011

The Laundress RECIPES Swimwear

Chlorine Bleach will damage and weaken synthetic and polyester fabrics!


Chlorine Bleach turns polyester and nylon yellow. It also weakens elasticity and will cause cotton to tear with repeated use. There are some everyday products, such as sunscreen and deodorant that can discolor and stain fabric, so make sure to pre-treat.



Sport Detergent, Stain Brush, Stain Solution and/or Wash & Stain Bar


Scented Vinegar


Hand washing:

  • Swimwear is best when washed and rinsed sooner than later.  Letting the fabric sit with salt and chlorine isn’t good. Hand washing is recommended.
  • Prepare a bath of warm water with one capful of The Laundress Sport Detergent and add item.
  • Swish item around, agitating the water with your hand and soak for 30 minutes.
  • Rinse well and squeeze water out. Avoid ringing and twisting, as this will further stress the elastic fibers and reduce the longevity of the item.


  • Hand or lay flat to dry. Do not put swimwear in the dryer as this will reduce the elasticity, break and damage the fabric. If drying outside, avoid direct sunlight to reduce fading.