Posted on Jul 24, 2011

The Laundress RECIPES Suits & Blazers

You really can wash these items!


We hesitated to make a Suits Washing Recipe for the longest time because we didn’t want people to think we were crazy, but – since the demand is incredibly strong for a dry cleaning alternative – here’s what we do.

WARNING : Any items made from rayon or a viscose blend are unpredictable so wash at your own risk!

Wool & Cashmere Shampoo, Stain Solution and/or Wash & Stain Bar

Mesh Bags, Stiffen Up, Fabric Fresh

• Pre-treat underarms and collar and cuffs each time you wash – even if you don’t see a stain.
• Use The Laundress Wash & Stain Bar to remove ring around the collar, stubborn stains, grime and grease commonly found on cuff & shirts. Lather bar with water and work soap into stained areas and soak.

• Stains can build up and appear over time from food, body products (deodorant), perspiration & body oils, etc.  To treat underarm stains use The Laundress Stain Solution.
• Run hot water* (we pour boiling water from the kettle) onto the area and soak.  Repeat until satisfied (we recommend this also for coffee and wine stains).

*Safe for cotton and linen fabrics only.

Machine washing:
• Turn item inside out.
• Put in The Laundress Mesh Bag.
• Put in machine on cold water woolens/delicate setting in machine with our Wool & Cashmere Shampoo.

• Take out after cycle, turn right side out and hang.
(For Jackets – make sure you use a good hanger on the shoulders and stuff sleeves with tissue or paper towel to keep shape.)
(For Pants – hang on the waist, long to dry.)
• Steam well while damp and then finish when dry. Do not iron.

Tips and Tricks:
• Freshen with The Laundress Fabric Fresh between washing and wearing to remove odor and bacteria
• If you are dry cleaning, don’t over dry clean – keep it down to once or twice a season.  It will help your items last longer.
• Get a good steamer – we do NOT recommend ironing these items.