The Laundress RECIPES Essentials

A good grasp of the essentials makes your regular laundry tasks simpler and more enjoyable! Using the proper detergent at the correct water temperature and with just the right amount of agitation – and knowing when and how to pre-treat for stains – are the marks of a truly savvy laundress.


For specific instructions, always refer to the garment’s sewn-in care label for fabric content. Our rule of thumb for blended fabric is to wash according to the highest percentage. i.e. if your sweater is 70% cashmere and 30% silk, wash with Wool & Cashmere and follow the appropriate washing recipe.


When to use what product:



    • Wool & Cashmere Shampoo is specifically formulated for washing animal hair yarns to preserve the natural lanolin and oils.


    • Delicate Wash is formulated for washing silk and synthetic blends.


    • Fabric Softener is to be used on cotton/linens and general laundering – not to be used when washing woolens or delicates.


    • For whitening and general cleaning, The Laundress All-Purpose Bleach Alternative will safely whiten, brighten and disinfect your clothing. Perfect when pre-treating stubborn stains and dingy whites or just add to your washing cycle. Natural and color safe.



Know Your Equipment

    • Intense cleaning involves three elements: water temperature (hot), detergent amount (more) and agitation (movement in machine). Fabric, such as cotton, generally has a certain maximum shrinkage capacity so washing your favorite white t-shirt once in hot water will shrink the same amount as it would over multiple washings in warm.


    • Always reference what fabric you are washing to determine the proper water temperature to use. Cotton and linen are best washed with hot water, silk and synthetics are best at warm or tepid, and wools should always be washed with cold.


    • Washing cycles are just as important as water temperature. Too much agitation even with cold water can shrink a wool sweater. Always use the delicates or woolens cycle when machine washing “delicates or woolens.”