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Steps To Getting Soiled Cloth Diapers Spotless

Posted on Jun 14, 2016


Did you know it can take 500 years for a disposable diaper to biodegrade in a landfill? Multiply that number by the number of diapers a baby goes through every day and you have a big, stinking problem! Here’s the dirt-cheap alternative: Cloth diapers, largely regarded as the most eco-friendly option, recently got a makeover of their own. Many of today’s cloth diapers are designed to fit snugly, and with The Laundress’ eco-friendly fabric care products cleaning them is a breeze. Here’s how:

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How To | Remove Chocolate Stains

Posted on Oct 28, 2014

How To Clean Chocolate INTRO
Chocolate bars look oh-so delicious in with their glittering foil wrappers but not so appealing when melted all over your clothing (or Halloween costume)! As there lies a sweet tooth in us all, we are all too familiar with the struggle of both successfully and unsuccessfully lifting this rich, tannin stain.

With Halloween coming up, we are dishing out our go-to tips for removing chocolate stains to add to your bag of tricks and treats!

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The ABCs of Baby Bathroom Stains

Posted on Sep 10, 2014

WWTL_The ABCs of Baby Bathroom Stains INTRO
Babies are simply the sweetest – we at The Laundress love them so much that we even created a collection catering specifically to their oh-so-soft skin! While we can’t get enough of their smiles, chuckles, and blooming little personalities, we can’t say that we love cleaning up diaper messes (and the diaper messes that accidentally get on their onesies and other clothing). Luckily, lifting these unpleasant stains from baby’s mini wardrobe is as easy as ABC.

Learn our ABCs of baby bathroom stain removal, so you can spend less time on damage control and more time kissing those rosy cheeks!

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Cleaning Magic Marker Messes…

Posted on Sep 9, 2014

WWTL_How to Clean Magic Marker Messes INTRO
A fresh pack of Magic Markers for the new school year always means that new, vibrant stains will suddenly be appearing everywhere – from clothing to couches and countertops, no surface is safe! Having a little student of her own, Lindsey can attest to this colorful mess and BOTH mother and daughter are pros at removal.

See what supplies you’ll need for the first day of Magic Marker Removal 101 and how to pass the test. Your teachers? Why Chloe and Lindsey, of course!

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Baby cakes! Love that child, but don’t love that mess!

Posted on Aug 11, 2014

BABY_Baby Cleaning Tips&Tricks INTRO

Kids do the cutest things. Unfortunately, many of those things make a big mess with seemingly permanent stains. Well those baby stains are no match for The Laundress products. Natural, safe, and effective, we’ve got the perfect solution for anything your baby throws at you.

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Oh Baby! See How Lindsey Keeps Her Bugaboo Stroller Clean

Posted on May 7, 2014

Cleaning A Bugaboo Stroller With Lindsey NTRO
The incredible Bugaboo stroller can go anywhere, and it does, from running errands to running the trails. And since your little one lives in it day in and day out, it can get dirty. Learn how to keep your baby’s stroller clean and running smooth so you and baby can stay on the roll.

The Best Thing on Four Wheels

From the quality of the materials to the ingenious and versatile product design, Bugaboo takes the stroller to the next level. And if you take care of it with effective yet natural products, it will take care of you and your family for years to come. Clean your Bugaboo with the tender love and care this little lifesaver deserves.

Step 1: Go Soft on Fabric

Bugaboo fabric components are easy to remove. Pull off cloth foot muffs, covers, and blankets at least once a month or whenever they are heavily soiled. Set the washing machine to a delicate cycle and launder in warm water with The Laundress Baby Detergent — it’s tough on stains and gentle on baby. Tumble dry on low heat, low tumble with The Laundress Wool Dryer Balls or two tennis balls.

Step 2: Suck It Up

Vacuum carefully to remove all loose dust, dirt, and crumbs from the stroller. Use the appropriate attachment to get deep into crevices where the cookie always seems to crumble.
Cleaning A Bugaboo Stroller With Lindsey Step2

Step 3: Stop Seeing Spots

From drools and dribbles to greasy food drippings, remove all stains by pretreating and presoaking fabrics. Lather with water and work The Laundress Wash & Stain Bar into stained areas. Fill a sink or basin with hot water and let items soak. Once light stains disappear and set-in stains lighten, it’s time for the second part of this one two punch. Use The Laundress All-Purpose Bleach Alternative and The Laundress Stain Solution on those tough stains to wipe them out once and for all – or at least until the next sticky situation.
Cleaning A Bugaboo Stroller With Lindsey Step3


Step 3: Freshen Often

To maintain that freshly laundered scent and keep bacteria at bay, spritz The Laundress Fabric Fresh Baby between washes. It’s also perfect for items that are not easily laundered, like car seats and stuffed animals. Simply spray the item and the natural antibacterial properties of this wonder product will eliminate odors your sweet baby can leave behind.

The Laundress Product of Perfection

Unlike other natural baby detergents that typically contain two enzymes, The Laundress Baby Detergent is highly concentrated with four natural enzymes to make it effective on every type of stain, including fats and starches. It’s also formulated to be free of preservatives and processing aids that can lead to skin irritation making it the most gentle choice for your baby.





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