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Things We Love | Warm (& Washable) Winter Coats

Posted on Jan 15, 2016

TWL_2016 WInterCoats INTRO

Because warm and washable cold weather coats CAN be cool.

Whether your coat has mud stains from hitting the slopes (literally) or foundation smudges on its collar, pretreating and washing with specialty formulas will provide the deepest clean and preserve it for years to come.

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Things We Love | Lindsey & Gwen’s Top Laundress Picks!

Posted on Sep 25, 2015


Lindsey and Gwen founded The Laundress in 2004 after being frustrated with dingy white T-shirts, faded denim, and prematurely worn pieces. The laundry products available in the marketplace left them unsatisfied and the only alternative (dry cleaning) left their clothes loaded with chemicals. Knowing their wardrobes were washable, they developed their own laundry solutions – literally! And while each of The Laundress products have a special place in the hearts and cleaning routines of their creators, Lindsey & Gwen share which items they (and their wardrobes) can’t live without.

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Things We Love | Men’s Fashion

Posted on Sep 11, 2015

TWL_2015 MensFashion INTRO

Fashionable finery isn’t limited to Laundress ladies. Our male counterparts also appreciate good style such as a well-crafted tie or a jacket that fits just right. The dapper gentlemen from the esteemed necktie company E. MARINELLA in Naples (depicted above) would certainly agree! Gwen & Lindsey bring you their tailored clothing and accessories picks for the men in your lives. Learn which looks they’re loving!

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Things We Love | Fall Fashion

Posted on Aug 31, 2015

TWL_2015 Fall Fashion INTRO
70s inspired flare denim, cozy, cream knits, and rich hues make bidding farewell to summer a bit less emotional. This fall, Lindsey and Gwen are keeping it classic with traditional shapes and neutral colors, but playing with accents of warm, romantic hues like burgundy and tobacco.

From their favorite denim to must-have handbags, see which looks The Laundress ladies are loving for fall.

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Things We Love | All About Baby

Posted on Aug 14, 2015

TWL_2015 AllAboutBaby INTRO
When bringing home a new bundle of joy, our daily routines and shopping lists become all about baby and only the best products will do. Taking into account quality, construction, comfort and, of course, cuteness, Lindsey lists baby brands and products that she loves, trusts, and has used for her own kids! From Igor Tenis shoes to the Bugaboo Runner, see what meets the mark!

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