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People We Love | Erin Sumwalt

Posted on Sep 19, 2014

People We Love | Erin Sumwalt INTRO
We’ve got a special People We Love Fashion Week Edition for you – featuring Fashion Writer, Stylist, and all around arbiter of style – Erin Sumwalt. In our interview, we talk fall fashion essentials and why the Wash & Stain Bar is just about the best thing ever.

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#TBT Thinking Back … Buru Brunch

Posted on Sep 11, 2014

Last Week at Buru Brunch INTRO
We had so much fun at last week’s Buru Brunch, we wish we could do it every week! Today, we are looking back – oh so long ago – to last Thursday’s epic Bugaboo & Laundress hosted #BuruBrunch.

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Things We Love | Fall Fashion

Posted on Aug 29, 2014

TWL Fall Fashion INTRO
With the start of New York Fashion Week only days away and the fall season tailing closely behind, Gwen & Lindsey can’t help but be inspired! From 3.1 Phillip Lim’s shearling collared coats to Gucci’s retro riding boots, here are some this season’s must haves that The Laundress ladies are simply mad over…

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Gwen & Lindsey’s Most Treasured Pieces

Posted on Aug 25, 2014

Gwen & Lindsey’s Most Treasured Pieces INTRO
We all have those special pieces in our closets that stand apart from the rest. That certain item that is near and dear to our hearts and with which we could never bear to part! From an article of clothing that we splurged on to quilt passed down through the family, we will simply always love these timeless pieces.
Wondering what Gwen & Lindsey’s most treasured items are? The Laundress ladies share with us their favorites!

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People We Love | Halleh Amiralai

Posted on Aug 22, 2014

PWL Halleh Amiralai INTRO
We’re back with another person we truly love, the exquisitely talented jewelry designer Halleh Amiralai. Featured everywhere from Elle to to Scarlett Johansson’s fingers and earlobes, Halleh’s jewelry design is both bold and soft, geometric and organic. We asked Halleh about what inspires her, where she shops, and where she summers.

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People We Love | Daniela Kamiliotis

Posted on Jul 25, 2014

People We Love | Daniela Kamiliotis INTRO
When Gwen & Lindsey first conceived of The Laundress, they asked good friend – and incredible artist – Daniela Kamiliotis to help them create the perfect representation of a Laundress Lady. Since then, Daniela’s illustrations have graced everything from our labels – including our Scented Candles and Scented Drawer Sheets – to right here on our blog.People We Love | Daniela Kamiliotis LADY
Daniela’s influence stretches far beyond The Laundress labels, however. As SVP of the Women’s Collection and in-house muse at Ralph Lauren, Daniela travels the world in search of inspiration and spends her days crafting the gorgeous pieces you see on the runway. In her off-time, she’s a prolific artist, constantly painting, sketching and creating beauty wherever she goes. Check out her Instagram feed for a sneak peek into her fairy-tale world. And read more of our interview to see what inspires an artist and muse.

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