Posted on Jul 19, 2016

Travel with The Laundress  

Don’t sweat the minor mishaps or style setbacks while traveling for work or play this summer. Lindsey and Gwen know how to salvage an outfit from just about any unsightly wrinkle situation or stain – even when you don’t have one of our trusted fabric care products on hand! Take note of their top travel tips and tricks for unexpected situations so you can be ready for anything (or stain) that comes your way.


  • “If you snag your pant or dress hem on your heels as you’re walking out the door, try taping the hem as a quick fix! It’ll look good as new – for the night that is!”
  • “If I’m staying at a hotel where there is no laundry service available, I steam my silk dresses with an iron on the steam setting. Simply hang up the item and glide the iron over the wrinkled area while pressing down the steam button.”
  •  “I carry The Laundress Wash & Stain Bar with me at all times – it’s perfect for spot treating clothing, handwashing, and laundering on the go! It’s airplane friendly, too.”



  • “If you get deodorant on your blouse or dress, you can easily remove it on the go without washing! Simply take the inside fabric and rub it against the outside fabric to lift white marks from the exterior.”
  • “I always travel with The Laundress Crease Release! I not only use it as a wrinkle release, but also a freshener – the Classic scent is the ultimate clean laundry smell.”
  •  “I’m never without a Laundress Wash & Stain Bar – a messy situation can strike at any moment! I’ve even removed salad dressing on my blouse while on the go!”


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