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“We’re an eco-friendly line of detergent, fabric care, and home-cleaning products that take excellent care of you, the things you love, and the environment.” – Gwen & Lindsey

Things We Love | Thanksgiving

Posted on Nov 21, 2014

Things We Love | Thanksgiving  INTRO
Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and Gwen & Lindsey are getting in the spirit. This week, they share their favorite traditions, recipes, scents and more…

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Cleaning for Holiday Guests

Posted on Nov 20, 2014

How To Deep Clean for Holiday Guests INTRO

With gift shopping and baking at top of mind, you may have been procrastinating the prepping of your home for holiday visitors! With Thanksgiving a week away, the time to start cleaning is now. We’ve got all your home cleaning needs covered thanks to our Home Cleaning Collection and these helpful tips!

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Product Spotlight | Kitchen Soap Bar

Posted on Nov 20, 2014

Product Spotlight | The Kitchen Soap Bar

The Kitchen Soap Bar isn’t for washing just your hands…it’s ideal for cleaning and deodorizing food prepping surfaces and cooking tools as well! This soap’s natural, antibacterial properties cleans bacteria from cutting boards and wooden kitchen tools while eliminating odor. Being a 100% vegetable soap with organic oatmeal, wheat bran, apricot seed, coffee bean, and coconut, the Kitchen Soap Bar is food safe – so start cooking!

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Holiday Hostess Gift Guide

Posted on Nov 18, 2014

Hostess Gift Guide INTRO

Hosting a dinner party or holiday gathering is hardly a proverbial walk in the park. If you’re lucky enough to be a guest this year rather than a host or hostess, make sure to show the party planner just how thankful you are for their efforts! Who knows – maybe a lovely pair of Laundress products may be just the ticket to have that family member or friend host next year’s festivities as well!

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How To | Spot Treat Slush Stains on Hems

Posted on Nov 18, 2014

WWTL_HOW TO | Spot Treat Slush Stains on Hems INTRO

Dashing through the snow is hardly the dreamy experience we had always imagined as children. Powdery white snow enviably turns into brown-gray slush and puddles which means pant hems are destined for staining. With not a washing machine in sight at your office – unless you work at The Laundress, that is! – how is one to remedy these unsightly stains? Spot treat with our limited-edition Santa’s Stain Bar to make your spirits (and your pants) bright!

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How To Care for Wool Rugs & Blankets

Posted on Nov 17, 2014

WWTL_How To Care for Wool Rugs & Blankets INTRO

The season of dinner parties and social gatherings galore is among us. Don’t let a wine spill on your wool rug or a smudge of chocolate on your throw distract you from the evening. With high amounts of wear from day to day use, chances are that these items are in need of close attention and care regardless of staining! Consider your blankets and rugs cleaned with our spot treating and care tips…

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Things We Love | Secret Santa Gifts

Posted on Nov 12, 2014

TWL Secret Santa Gifts INTRO
No matter who you’re shopping for or what the budget, it’s no secret that we have all the right gifts for this year’s Secret Santa. Don’t forget to gift a goodie or two for the in-laws, the neighbor, the teacher, the boss, and (of course) the best friend!

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