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“We’re an eco-friendly line of detergent, fabric care, and home-cleaning products that take excellent care of you, the things you love, and the environment.” – Gwen & Lindsey

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Machine Wash Your Silks!

Posted on Aug 19, 2014

Machine Wash Your Silks!
Washing silk pieces can be intimidating, but did you know that they can actually be machine washed? In this Daily Candy video, Lindsey shows how to properly execute the task of laundering silk with Laundress essentials so that your go-to scarf for fall or elegant slip is fit for wearing.

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The Ultimate “How To” for Cleaning the Toilet

Posted on Aug 18, 2014

Oh, the Toilette! INTRO
We know that cleaning your toilet isn’t the most glamorous of chores, and lucky for us it needs to be done fairly often! From hard water leaving behind mineral deposits to soft water prompting brown mold, deep cleans are needed to ensure you have a posh looking potty for both your guests and your family. While the fumes of traditional toilet bowl cleaners (chlorine bleach and ammonia) leave your head in a whirl, our scent-free All-Purpose Bleach Alternative and No. 247 Scented Vinegar allow you to breathe easy and require minimal effort – cheers for no scrubbing!

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Banish Odor with Scented Vinegar

Posted on Aug 12, 2014

Banish Odor with Scented Vinegar
A day-long brunch date with your friends or a late night out doesn’t have to equate to extended hours in the laundry room. While your clothing may not exactly smell of the delicious fragrance you applied at the beginning of the day, removing any unpleasant odors like the smell of smoke or body odor can be hassle free if treated with Scented Vinegar. While known to have an off-putting scent itself, our No. 247 fragrance paired with this natural cleaning agent ensures you will experience all of its benefits and none of the smell.

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New Press! Lonny LOVES The Laundress

Posted on Aug 12, 2014

New Press_Lonny LOVES The Laundress
Our newest scent is featured this month on Lonny Magazine Online! Check out the article where Gwen & Lindsey are anointed the “Queens of Clean” and learn what makes our No10 Scent so very memorable…

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Introducing…The Launch of The Official Laundress Weibo

Posted on Aug 11, 2014

Introducing...The Launch of The Official Laundress Weibo
Weibo is a leading social media platform for people to create, distribute, and discover Chinese-language content. Weibo represents a new online experience in China by combining the means of real-time public self-expression with a powerful platform for social interaction, as well as content aggregation and distribution. Any user can create and post a feed of up to 140 Chinese characters and attach multimedia or long-form content. User relationships on Weibo may be asymmetric; any user can follow any other user and add comments to a feed while reposting. Weibo has amassed a large user base in China and in Chinese communities in more than 190 countries.

CLICK HERE to visit The Laundress Weibo Account.

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Lindsey Treats Even The Most Contrary Baby Stains

Posted on Aug 11, 2014

A Baby Stain Story INTRO
If anyone is an advocate our Baby Collection, it’s The Laundress co-founder Lindsey Boyd. Creating this unique collection with her own children’s wellbeing in mind, each of the products – even the tough stain removers – are gentle enough for baby’s skin yet ensure the deepest clean.
With two little ones of her own, Lindsey has without a doubt become an expert in baby laundry combating even the most disagreeable messes. So whether you’re a new mother or have a few births under your belt, learn some helpful laundry room pointers that Lindsey uses in her own home routine.

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Announcing the Winners of Wash & Win!

Posted on Aug 8, 2014

Announcing the Winners of Wash & Win! INTRO

Congrats to Meg and Jen, our winners of Wash & Win!

After much consideration, we’ve crowned Meg and Jen the two lucky winners of our Wash & Win Photo Contest! We were so impressed by Meg’s removal of juice from her sundress and Jen’s before and after of ink marks that we will be awarding them $500 worth of Laundress products.
We extend a HUGE thank you to those stainfighters who entered the contest – you are all true laundry mavens in our eyes!
Click here to view the winning submissions.

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Brighten Summer Whites

Posted on Aug 7, 2014

Brighten Summer Whites INTRO
Although Labor Day is less than a month away, there is still much use to get out of your favorite white pieces. Before throwing on your head-turning white jeans or your tee that’s basically your second skin, make sure they look as radiant as they did with their first wear using these helpful tips…

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